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Only one word to describe the set of values that inspired the foundation of the Law Firm de Marco-Della Rocca. Therefore, cultural qualification, skill, timeliness, efficiency, confidentiality.
Excellence as aspiration and as a principle of action.
And look into the future, with a strong awareness of the past, the optimistic power of the reason and with the verve of the will.
The Firm provides his customers with a professional service wich is also firmly linked with legal precedents set up over the years by means of judicial and extrajudicial activities with always available results and with the due flexibility, which allows us to catch changes, to deal with reforms, to update strategies, to outguess counterparty’s moves.
Publications which are listed on the appropriate page show that the impossibility to overlook the richness of the past is the best way to analyze in a refined way the present in his becoming past and future in the same breath.
A cultural challenge, the other side of the Firm.
The most important heritage is doubtless the trust of all who think, every day, to find the Firm as the right place where their needs could be entrusted, wherever in the world.